About TZ Binhai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

To get reliable metalworking solutions, you ask for the expert. TZ(Tianjin) Binhai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which is dedicated to providing high-quality metal forming presses and many other metal processing facilities. We can trace our company roots back to 1950s. Through these years of technological accumulation and business expansion, we pride ourselves in supplying good-condition presses and unsurpassed service to customers of the world. Our engineers and technicians integrate innovative design, accurate calculation and advanced manufacture systems together to develop the machines and solutions exactly suited to your specific requirements. Come and see for yourself. You can then understand why our customers choose our company from hundreds of thousands of peers.

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Equipment Capability
    1. Pre-sales Service
    2. According to your actual manufacture requirements, we calculate the proper tonnage of your machine and give professional and reasonable suggestion, making sure the final scheme offered to you is as best as possible.

    1. During Sales Service
    2. We will invite customers to our company for reporting the production progress.

    1. After-Sales Service
    2. If demanded, we can assign a professional installer to provide on-site installation and guidance until the machine starts normal running.

    1. Technical Training
    2. For the machine installation, we supply detailed training to customer's operators. The training courses include manufacture technique, mechanical principle, hydraulic principle, electrical principle, maintenance, repair, etc.